Do you travel for weddings?

100% yes! I love travelling because I love new locations! If it’s outside of the London/Dartford area more than 150 miles, I do have to charge travel and perhaps accommodation (depending how far it is from home!)

How many images are included? (Weddings / Engagement & Couple’s Shoots)

  • For weddings, I say generally a minimum of 300. I don’t put a limit on it, and it’s normally around 500 – as I always give you the absolute best photos and I don’t leave any amazing ones out!
  • For engagement shoots, I say a minimum of 30-40. It depends on how comfortable you both are in front of the camera – the more comfortable, the more photos you get back! Again, I always deliver all the best photos so you never have to worry about me leaving any photos out.

What is your turn around time?

  • So on the week of your wedding (generally on the day itself or next day!) I send you a handful of photos so it can hold you over for the final gallery and so you can share with friends and family! The full gallery should be with you in about a month, but in my contract I put that it can take up to 8 weeks, to cover me in case I get extra busy! Your full gallery will be given to you at high-res quality so you can immediately download it from there, faff free! I also have some gorgeous faux leather pouches that come in with the packages with some prints. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it!
  • For engagement/couple’s shoots, I say generally around 2-3 weeks!

Do we need to feed you on our wedding day?

Snacks aren’t the most nutritional meals of the day, so I would most certainly appreciate it so I can be at my best while shooting for your gorgeous day!

Can we get an album at a later date?

Absolutely! I generally tend to keep your wedding photos for 1 – 2 years (please do let me know if you’re considering an album so I know how long to keep your photos for – even my hard drive can get full!). There’s a few options when it comes to albums depending on your budget. The finest albums by Folio, where only a photographer can access and create an album for you delivered at the highest spec, can be about £500. More budget options are available if you don’t want to splurge on this, with a couple other albums ranging from £70 – £400. Please contact me for details!

Can you photoshop us?

So I totally believe in loving your own body and feeling beautiful in your own skin, so I only ever edit things that are temporary about you (such as acne!) that wouldn’t normally be there. I totally understand we can all be self-conscious about certain things about ourselves, so if there’s anything you’re self-conscious about, please do let me know so I can keep that in mind when I’m directing you and editing your photos! I want you to love the photos of you, but I also want you to know you’re beautiful in your own skin, and not an ‘edited’ version of yourself!

What should we wear for couple’s shoots?

No worries at all! I’m so happy to send across my engagement shoot outfit guide if you ask me for it, but if you need any tips straight away – stay away from neons and clashing patterns!

What happens if the weather isn’t great?

I 100% recommend still shooting if you’re up for it, because rain can be absolutely magical. You know, like in the movies, when they have the scene where he runs up to her and tell her how much he loves her in the pouring rain and it’s just so beautifully magical? Yeah! Let’s create that spice. If you really hate it though and don’t want to work with it, if I can reschedule, then that’s no problem. Or, we can always do an in home shoot if you have great natural lighting!

Do you give out RAW/unedited images?

No, sorry! Half of my work goes into my editing, and that’s what makes the picture come alive and look absolutely magical *heart eyes*

How many weddings do you take per year?

I like to take up to 30 weddings per year so I can have enough time to be able to put into your wedding and editing and also enough time to be creative and keep pushing me to be better!

“We’re really not great at posing….”

That’s totally okay!! The majority of my couples aren’t professional models, haha! The one thing I do ask of you is to trust my vision! I try to make you feel as comfortable as possible by giving you exercises to do together, asking you questions, and hopefully cracking out a good joke or two with you. I don’t want you to be worried about how your chin looks or your body looks, but I do want you to trust me when I ask you to do something silly or just have a bit of fun! The beautiful pictures come out when you’re just willing to just roll with it!

Should we add a second shooter? Who would be your second shooter?

  • That’s completely down to you! However, if you have a bigger wedding party, then it would be ideal so we can have more chances of getting pictures of your guests. The benefits of a second shooter are that they would get different angles of the day as well as being somewhere that I can’t be when I’m shooting your group shots, etc!
  • My second shooter is generally either my wonderful husband, or a few other selected photographers that I’ve worked with and understand my vision for capturing your day!

How do we secure our date with you?

You can secure your date with me by putting down a non-refundable deposit of £350! As soon as you’ve paid the deposit, the date is all yours! The rest can be paid in installments or in full up until 1 week before the wedding day.